In 1987 the American Medical Association recognized FMS(Fibromyalgia) as a true illness and a major cause of disability in the widespread localized pain with various joint tenderness.

However FMS is a diagnosis of exclusion, as X-ray and blood tests DO NOT show any abnormalities.

Associated symptoms include:

◆ Post-exertion malaise

◆ Headaches

◆ Swollen feet

◆ Dry mouth

◆ Numbness and/or tingling of hands and feet

◆ Difficulty concentrating

◆ Painful menstruations

◆ Symptoms flares with increase stress


In Western Medicine, FMS has been established to have no known cure.

In Asian Medicine & Acupuncture, FMS is a target choice.

By reducing stress through lifestyle changes and overall well-being, and optimizing energy and pain tolerance, we believe we can restore Yong’sDSC02513.

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